We bet on personalized weddings to the last detail.

Because each couple is different, each wedding is different. We will create the wedding of your dreams with an unmistakable style and hallmark that characterizes your story. For this, we have created different services for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Integral Organization

Your wedding is undoubtedly one of the great events of your life, but it is an inexhaustible source of stress that can make you turn your fairy tale into a nightmare.

Nowadays, couples have jobs and obligations that consume their energies, and the last thing they want to do when they get home is to negotiate with suppliers or look for internet trends.

You deserve to enjoy the road and, at the end of the day, have dinner and enjoy each other without worries, we are here to take care of everything that concerns your wedding.


Do you have everything already organized and just want to make it beautiful? We have an ideal decoration department, that will make all those ideas that you have in mind come true.

Because you don't need to buy vases and candlesticks for every corner of your wedding, and you don't have to worry, on such an important day, to assemble and disassemble flowers and tables.

Our decorators are, in addition to interior designers and florists, professional designers of fantastic spaces and we assure that they will know how to give life to your dreams.

Coordination of Day B

After months of work, you deserve to enjoy everything you have prepared with such love. Finally, your wedding day arrived!

Such an important day should not be aware of whether the flowers arrived, if the DJ knows what songs are forbidden or if the waiters are informed of who is your vegetarian cousin.

We will have a meeting previously with each of your suppliers to avoid unexpected events. We will take care of all of this so you can live and fully enjoy this great day.


If you are a DIY boyfriend and you want to take care of everything, but you need professional advice,

Come see us!

We will solve all your doubts and we will also assist you in protocol, the different types of catering, ceremonies and styles.

We will give you ideas and prepare a personalized calendar with the steps to follow from the moment you come to see us until the wedding day.


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