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When we find Motivation, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Illusion, Vocation, Constancy and Freshness, the result is the labour we have been carrying out successfully, for more than 10 years. Each one of us, in her area, provides the perfect ingredient to make your event unique and special.

Yessi Morel


I was born in the Dominican Republic, but I have been living in Mallorca since I was very young. I arrived on this island and fell in love with it instantly, it is not for less!

Since childhood I dreamed of organizing Weddings and Events. I loved to collaborate in the organization of the weddings of my friends and the friends of my friends. Seeing the success and experience I was getting; I was sure that I would study Protocol and Weddings and Event Management. Then, I decided to create this beautiful project that today, is already more than ten wonderful years 

I love good things, and who doesn't? And I put passion in everything I do. 

Deep inside, I am a romantic and I end up getting excited at each wedding, but after such a long time of sharing with my boys, the big day arrives and I cannot avoid the emotion of seeing the happiness with which they walk towards the altar. 

Hooray for love!


Carolina Morel

When my sister proposed me to work with her on this beautiful project, I must admit that I was a little scared, I had no idea what I was accepting! My studies were going in another direction, although very necessary and opportune also for this profession. 

As the days went by, holding meetings with the different couples, attending each wedding and, above all, learning and absorbing everything I could improve in this profession, I realized that a vocation woke up in me that I never thought I had … Then, I started to train to specialize in this branch and, as a hopeless romantic that I am (yes, I admit it) I fell in love with organizing weddings of people who love each other. 

I have a serious problem with chocolate, and I love it! Removing it from my diet would be like getting away from my nephews, whom I adore madly. 

Aina Riera


I am lucky to have been born in Mallorca and dedicate myself to my great passion, weddings.

From a very young age my mother organized the best birthday parties in the world; Thematic, elegant and with many details. As a teenager I kept watching programs related to events and weddings. 

I studied Personal and Corporate Image Consulting, where I was fortunate to touch on issues related to my true passion: weddings. Thanks to this, I started doing internships at Blanc i Negre Events and that gave me the opportunity to get to know the wedding sector and to develop as a professional.

At the end of the first wedding I attended, I realized two things: I had to take advantage of every moment, every experience and every learning that life prepared for me, and that yes, indeed, my life had to be focused on the weddings’ world.

I am very perfectionist, also a weeping woman, especially at the “Yes, I do!” moment. I consider myself a fan of the series, candy, art and traveling. 



eat & love

I am the little one of the Blanc i Negre family. I am also the one who keeps company to the team during the long hours of work in which they design and organize fantastic weddings.   

I have been in the corporation for six years and since I was born I am listening to how they talk about romantic weddings, candles, flowers and love. Maybe that's why I like kissing so much.

I would love to be taken to weddings to enjoy the wonderful dishes that the team does not stop talking. I don't lose hope of being able to wear the rings at a wedding and take the opportunity to get into the kitchen. 

Don't tell anyone!


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